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Etude For Modal Improvisation

Music Think

Always consider what effect the future will have on your work

November 30, 2001

October 6, 2004

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September 6, 1998

Never call an instrument 'cheap'

August 31, 2005

Music circa 2050

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Musical Gated Communities

July 23, 2000

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Don't Got That Rhythm (Ask For Something More)

Woman in the Flame, Man in the tree

Blaming rap for social ills?

Miles From Mars

New Man

Oh say can you see by

Inventors and Progenitors

May 5, 2008

Smoke on the Yangtze

Mandala Music

Venezuela Youth Orchestra

The Power of Context

The Daughter Village

Music for Monkeys

Obama and boundaries

NY Philharmonic does North Korea

Camouflage champions

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