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OEM Music

   Imagine that music was generically manufactured and you could simply rebrand it and sell it as an original product with clever marketing. That's what music AI might be and already is to some degree. Recently, a computer scientist created an algorithm that can write pop songs that uses Twitter posts as its data set. The raw output is pathetic, but that doesn't mean they can't be improved by simply sculpting them. It's like wanting to make a sculpture, ordering a slab of marble, then just saying it's finished. It could be a readymade, but everything can't be a readymade. What I think is more interesting is to manually combine rhythmic and melodic elements rather than using cybernetics or Markov chains. For example, taking a Bach piece and mapping the notes over a rhythm from a pop song. But even if it was done with an algorithm, you can't just use it as-is. If you wanted one extracted frame from a video to use a photograph for framing, you can't use the

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